About Me

I am a photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland. I've always loved taking photos, capturing moments and memories. When I was gifted my first camera 3 years ago, that natural love of taking photos progressed into inspiration to do more. That natural curiosity has turned into a passion, an escape, a process and a focus. From the city streets to the beautiful nature and wildlife the world has to offer, if I see it, you can assure I will capture it.

About My City

I live in the largest city in Scotland and in my opinion, the most beautiful. Glasgow never stops providing a range of beautiful images to capture. It is a city of hidden gems and diverse areas which makes it one of my favourite places to photograph. 

About My Country

Scotland is one of the most unique places in the world, where you can do almost anything in a day's drive. From stunning architecture to breathtaking landscapes. Scotland hosts some of the most photogenic wildlife including: the native red squirrel, the classic red breasted robins, grey seals, dolphins and bottlenose whales. Whether you want to relax, explore, travel, or party; Scotland is the place for you.